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Monday, September 03, 2012

#1763 - The Conway Muse, Conway, WA - 4/21/2012

The Conway Muse is a funky restaurant, lounge, and performance space in the tiny, unincorporated community of Conway, WA, near Skagit Bay in NW Washington. It is housed in a gambrel-roofed dairy barn built in 1915, now crammed with art and collectibles, music stages and a sort of guest room in a old paddlewheel river scow. The 2010 census counted 91 people living in Conway, but the Muse will pull in some pretty large crowds to watch a wide variety of musical acts, have a glass of wine, and a variety of somewhat upscale menu items. They feature live music 5 nights a week, including some of the most talented musicians in the state.  There are three separate, fairly sizable  performance areas inside and another stage outside.

The Muse is around the corner at the end of Main Street in Conway, and we would have had no idea of its existence, had we not been chatting at the Conway Pub with a biker couple who regularly come through. The unique character was clear from the exterior, but they are only open in the evenings, so we timed our little tour to have dinner there on the way back home. By the time we arrived back, the Mark Dufresne Band had the crowd up and dancing to his blues harmonica. The food, wine, and cocktails are fairly good, but it is the atmosphere and music that are the main attraction, and seemed like just one of what must be many a rollicking night in the old dairy barn.

18444 Main St, Conway, WA 98238 - (360) 445-3000           
Est. 2004 - Building constructed: 1915
Previous bars in this location: None
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