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Sunday, June 06, 2010

#1127 #S675 - Cafe Amore, Seattle - 6/5/2010

To be frank, I just went to this place for a quick addition to my list and not with any high expectations of the bar.  But this turned into a great visit.  Their "Cucumber Mist" (infused cucumber vodka, lime, black pepper, splashed sugar) not only further entrenched my belief that there's never a bad cocktail with cucumber, but it was just about the perfect refreshing cocktail for the first sustained sunny weather in a long, long time.

Maybe this was due partially to that oh so rare sun, but the staff were all super friendly (including chef/owner Sean Langan).  And it was especially pleasant to chat with Ernie the bartender, who had me try various things including some ideas they're working on for "wine bombs."  You might think that sounds wretched, but the don't actually drop liquors into the wines, they just give you an interesting combination of a glass of wine and shot of liquor.  It's actually pretty nice.

I passed on the (Italian) food, as I was about to go to a happy hour at the house of a friend known for her large spreads, but I did take a look at the menu and definitely plan to be back for dinner soon (and another cocktail or two).  I also subsequently found online that they served 500 homeless people to Thanksgiving dinner.

2301 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 - (206) 770-0606 - myspace - seattle times - yelp - the stranger  

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