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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#1134 #S681 - Southlake Grill, Seattle - 6/14/2010

There's nothing really outstanding about the Southlake grill family of neighborhood places, and they're not a place I'd recommend if you want a bar.  But they do have fairly good food, and while I probably won't see this one again, I like having the Greenlake version available near my house, and will hit the Eastlake version now and then for the view.  The residents of the condos this one is built into may feel the same way, and it has a pleasant patio for nice days, but the "Southlake" name is strictly for the neighborhood -- there's no hint of the actual lake from here.

1253 Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 621-1090 (warning: music) - seattle times - the stranger - yelp

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