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Sunday, June 06, 2010

#1125 #S673 - Kristos, Seattle - 6/2/2010

Update: Changed name to Ship Canal Grill in 2011

Kristo's is a pretty swanky place hidden under the I5 bridge around the corner from the old Eastlake Red Robin. The bar is pretty standard, and the menu is a mix of Greek and American standbys.  I had one of the "gourmet pizzas," and while I'm not sure what was gourmet about it (Serious Pie would seem to fit that description a bit better), it was quite tasty.

The staff were friendly, as was Kristo himself, who has a long history in local bars and resautrants including Suni's (Greek in Shoreline), the Back Door in Lake City, and the old "Appointment" downtown.  It's a nice place that the neighbors in the area are fortunate to have nearby.  They have an upstairs area for private parties and events and will sometimes host music, fashion shows, etc.

As I went on a lazy, sunny afternoon, I now must check it out on a weekend evening, when the place has the buzz of a few more patrons and the romantic interior is no doubt at its best.

3218 Eastlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98102 - (206) 588-8885 - the stranger - seattletimes - yelp

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