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Sunday, June 27, 2010

#1152 #S695 - Redline Music & Sports, Seattle - 6/23/2010

Update:  The Redline closed in Sept. 2010.

As I headed out to the Redline, a friend who lives in the West Seattle area warned me that she would not go to this place dressed as I was.  It was a rare sunny Seattle 2010 day, and I was looking pretty touristy, with shorts, tiki shirt, and straw hat.  The friend warned of a bar filled with clientele recently released from prison.  Naturally, this just made me all the more interested in checking out the Redline, and I was sorely disappointed when I found only a small group of frumpy patrons doing karaoke.

I don't know exactly what my friend has experienced, but the Redline I saw had basically a college spring break sort of vibe, with a calendar full of things like 25 Cent Wings night, $1 Taco night, bikini contests, and a visit from the Jager Girls.  The new owner does allude to a previous reputation for the location, but the only thing threatening that I saw was way too much Wazzu Cougar paraphernalia. 

4439 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126 - (206) 938-3598
Established 2007 - Closed Sep 2010 - Building constructed 1926
Previous bars in this location: Legends Sports Bar - myspace - west seattle blog - yelp

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