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Monday, March 08, 2010

#999 - The Barrel Tavern, Burien, WA - 3/5/2010

The Barrel is a semi-divey bar built in an old 1963 XXX Root Beer Drive-in in Top Hat, the neighborhood between Burien and White Center (there's a nice summary of the history in the B-TownBlog). So it's the big barrel facade that really grabs you.

The menu and drinks are the basics. The Barrel has blues nights and biker crowds, so I think our group arrived at one of its down moments, and I'm interested to see what the crowd is like when it is more full of regulars and less full of K-Bar not-so-secret agents. (Picture is a Larry J. photo of one of the regulars reacting to our group.)

Technical Note: Despite most places listing this with a Seattle address, it doesn't technically count as a Seattle bar, as my best efforts to place it relative to the crazy Seattle southern city limits line puts it a tad south of the city.

11051 1st Avenue S., Burien, WA 98168 - (206) 244-7390 - b-townblog - city-data - seattle weekly - yelp

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biankat said...

What you experienced is pretty much the norm. Karaoke is hit or miss, it's cash only, and the bike 'club' Bandidos' are regulars. It's always crowded during the after-work hours.