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Monday, March 15, 2010

#1010 - Fez Ballroom, Portland - 3/11/2010

Of course how enjoyable these old ballrooms are is almost entirely dependent on the individual event there on any given night.  The Fez is perfectly serviceable -- and I'm biased in favor of any place with "fez" in the title.  In addition, the event the night I attended ("Shadowplay" goth night) was pleasant and fairly well attended, despite goth interest declining in some areas (not necessarily a bad thing, as such movements tend to be most robust when confined to a fairly underground scene).  I have little idea what other nights hold, but I like this Fez better than the Red Fez in Austin, so right now it's my favorite fez bar in the country.

316 SW 11th Ave., Portland, OR 97205 - (503) 221-7262 - barfly - yelp

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