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Monday, March 08, 2010

#997 - Tug Tavern, Seattle - 3/5/2010

Update: The Tug Inn closed in July 2020. The following explanation was posted on their facebook page:

"Hal never owned the property. The property owner sold the land way back before COVID, but at the time it looked like they would be happy to extend a new lease for the tug while they got everything in order for at least a few years. They were going to use the field behidn the building as an HQ for their plumbing company once they got it built out. What happened next is that it turns out the permitting and construction costs on that would be waaayyyy more than expected. Because of that, they terminated teh least so that they will be able to use the tub building itself. Viola, no more tug." -- Danielle Northart, July 25, 2020

"The Tug has been known as a dive bar that is full of violent and crazy drunks.  This reputation is entirely false."  -- The Tug web site

As some of the yelpers make clear (and by all rights should have known, before going there and complaining), if you don't like dive bars, don't go to Uncle Hal's Tug Tavern. I do like dive bars, and while it's hard to judge a bar when you're rolling in with an unexpected party of 20-some people in black spy-wear, this one seemed like a pretty good one. There are the ramshackle personal touches -- a brown couch facing a corner, an R-rated puzzle on the wall, and a picket-fenced patio extending into the parking lot -- and there were colorful regulars.

The entourage of people in black was due to this being the first stop on the bus to celebrate the final four bars of the count to 1,000. Said one regular, who was on the phone as we arrived, "I've got to go. The Blues Brothers just came in."   (Larry J. photo)

2216 SW Orchard St., Seattle, WA 98106 - (206) 768-8852
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biankat said...

Another good choice. The K-Jay here on Sundays and Wednesdays also does Friday and Saturday at Mac's Triangle.