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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#1018 - Star Tavern, Chehalis, WA - 3/14/2010

Google Maps listed this place as "closed permanently," -- which was news to the customers and the pleasantly sassy bartender I found there. It's a nice old dive that's been around for a long time (current owners family have run it since the 60s, I was informed). When I visited on a Sunday afternoon there were six customers, all drinking big cans of Busch Light.  I opted for a Dick Danger Ale (brewed in Centralia).

I was a little early for the big Twin Cities Sertoma Club olympics, which spanned Chehalis and Centralia bars with various contests -- pool, darts, shuffleboard, etc.  (Sertoma is a civic group that raises money for deaf youngsters and other charitable causes.)

242 NW Chehalis Ave., Chehalis, WA 98532 - 360-748-4222

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