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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#1016 - Big Red's Western Cafe, Beaverton, OR - 3/13/2010

I had lunch here, which provoked grave concerns for my health among some of the locals, though my meal was fine and uneventful and the service friendly and good.  But it was when I slipped into the bar for a quick gin and tonic that I really started to get the lowdown from some of the locals.  There was some kind of big to-do down at a slough by Wanker's Corner -- we're dressing sexy, so you should dress up, the woman at the bar was telling the big guy with a large walrus mustache and worn, tilted baseball cap.  Then she asked if he'd heard about the midget at Stars?  The midget stripper?

Unfortunately I departed without an invitation and spent the evening in a less exotic portion of Beaverton.

11485 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., Beaverton, OR 97008 - (503) 579-4292
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