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Monday, November 23, 2009

#945 - Castaways, Long Beach, WA - 11/12/2009

208 Pacific Ave S., Long Beach, WA 98631 - (360) 642-4745 - yelp - yahoo - urban spoon


tp_gal said...

Castaways use to be "Mary Lou's Tavern" which was the quintessential local dive bar that was invaded every summer by drunken softball players and tourist with babysitters.

Mary Lou was a local treasure who wore hot pants and eschewed supportive undergarments well into her 70's. She was hooters before Hooters went global.

Castaways is a very cleaned up version and while they may be cute they will never quite hold the same place in our hearts.

If you go to Long Beach and want to avoid the crowds September is the ideal time. The weather is still nice and you can find a table at the bakery to eat your breakfast and have coffee with the locals.

Virginia bed and breakfast said...

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at Castaway's. Try their handcut, battered fish & chips or homemade chowder. They do offer a kid's menu.