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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#938 - Feedback Lounge, Seattle - 11/8/2009

Update: The Feedback Lounge closed Aug 8, 2015

I know I'm going to like a place when I sit down to find a bottle of falernum in front of me. In chatting with Matt, the co-owner and concocter of fine cocktails, he mentioned that he wasn't sure that type of bar would be successful in West Seattle, or whether the reaction would be "What's that? Give me a jack and coke." He might just as well have asked if the sophisticated drinks would work with the old school rock theme of the place. But he seems pleased with the support so far and whatever the context, these are some drinks well worth seeking out.

The Feedback just took first place for "Best Cocktails" in King-5's Best of Western Washington, and while I do not consider that a particularly reliable guide, it is definitely a worthy contender. And Sundays are a fine day to go: "Each week co-owner Matt Johnson comes up with a drink whose recipe might go back 100 years — or just a month or two. Starting today, Matt will shop at the West Seattle Farmers Market each Sunday and uses those fresh ingredients in a drink that evening." (West Seattle Blog)

Try the: St. Basil (or the drink of the week if it's Sunday)

6451 California Ave SW., Seattle, WA 98136 - (206) 453-3259
Est. April 25, 2009
Previous bars in this location:  New Deal Tavern, Digby's Tavern, Kilroy's Pub, Full Moon Saloon, Beveridge Place Pub - myspace - west seattle blog - yelp - the stranger

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biankat said...

St Basil is my go-to drink. Second is the Red Rickey :)