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Saturday, November 14, 2009

#941 - Stumbling Goat Bistro, Seattle - 11/11/2009

Update: Stumbling Goat closed Aug 27, 2016

My K-Bar stop here was a very pleasant surprise. I expected the food to be good of course, but I also expected the bar to be an ancillary bore. However, at least since the new owners took over, this is a swell bar with some very nice cocktails. Included in this was the best gin and tonic I can ever remember having (with home-made tonic). So even if you're not looking for dinner, this is a very nice little stop.

6722 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103 - (206) 784-3535
Est. 2000 - Closed Aug 27, 2016 - Building constructed 1927 (to be demolished) - - seattletimes - yelp - thestranger

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