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Saturday, November 21, 2009

#942 - Streamline Tavern, Seattle - 11/11/2009

The Streamline is a bare bones dive bar that was recently acquired by ex-Seattle P.I. writer Mike Lewis and some partners:

    "Lewis' partners include: Lock & Keel owner John Herrmann, former College Inn owner Gary Kelfner (who, incidentally, is former SW editor/current Crosscut columnist Skip Berger's brother-in-law), and Blue Moon bartender Mary McIntyre, who is also Lewis' longtime girlfriend and whose tastefully nude (no nipples!) likeness adorns the sign of the historic U-District bar which currently employs her." (Seattle Weekly 9/16/09)

It appears that the Streamline is applying for a liquor license in order to extend beyond wine and beer, and at least for now it serves as a sort of slow, grandfatherly alternative to neighbor dives like the Mecca and Ozzies.

121 W Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98119 - (206) 283-2923

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