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Sunday, September 17, 2017

#2566 - Pints Barn, Tumwater, WA - 6/27/2014

It's a late sunny Friday afternoon and the Pints Barn in Tumwater, Washington is rollicking. When the Old Red Barn tavern closed in 2010 after 43 years in the location, the newspaper said that it might be turned into a daycare. It's far from that now. The building and exterior were both extensively remodeled by the owners of "Pints & Quarters," a craft beer hotspot that took over an old 7-Eleven. If anything, the location is more rustic now, with wood from an old barn, antiques, and knickknacks paying tribute to local history and in particular the Olympia Brewery (which, an owner of the Old Barn used to tell his patrons, piped beer to the tavern direct from the brewery).

The menu now features modernized comfort foods and the bar itself hosts live music from country bands to underground punk shows. Inside it is packed and loud, but the servers are friendly and there's ample room on the patio, which is guarded by twin chainsaw art Bigfoot figures. The beer selection, it should go without saying, is very much improved.

It's very pleasing to see an old, locally iconic tavern like this rescued and buffed up by a new generation of barkeeps. Perhaps someday we'll even see it done with the great old brewery itself.

The Pints Barn, Tumwater, WA

114 E St SW, Tumwater, WA 98501 - (360) 628-8838
Est. year - Building constructed: 1967
Previous bars in this location: Old Red Barn Tavern
Web site: facebook - (archived)
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