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Thursday, September 14, 2017

#2563 #S1263 - Brunswick & Hunt, Seattle - 6/18/2014

Update: Brunswick & Hunt closed Jan 31, 2020.

This is a very fine bar in several different ways. First, it adds a second quality cocktail location (along with Essex) just on this little out-of-the-way strip of  NW 70th Street. Second, the food is excellent (try the roasted chicken). Third, if the opening day was any indication, the service will be friendly, attentive, and competent. Finally, as the name indicates, they have done a service to the community by rescuing a trashed but fantastic antique Brunswick-Balke-Collender bar and sunk a small fortune into restoring it to its considerable glory.

It is amazing that the life this bar must have had in Winlock and elsewhere, well over a hundred years of what must have been considerable pre-prohibition saloon mayhem, decades of neglect and abuse, and many more years of irreverent treatment in everything from a Bavarian restaurant to a punk bar, has left it so intact. It's beautiful refurbished state, reflecting the grand antique painting across the room, are a welcome nod to bar history. But while you can come here for the museum quality pieces, you are likely to stay and return for the quite nice drink options (including a well-made daily punch option) and the fine food (the roasted chicken, prepared sous vide and roasted with rosemary, was quite simply my favorite chicken I've ever tasted).

Brunswick & Hunt, Seattle, WA
B&H was created by Barry Rogel (DeLuxe Bar & Grill) and Scott Rogel (The Athenian). Noticing my admiration for the antique Brunswick "San Domingo" bar, Barry kindly engaged me with the details of the purchase and restoration of the bar. It is a great pleasure to see the work invested into rescuing this fine, old piece, and to be able to admire it over a lovely cocktail and meal.

Brunswick & Hunt, Seattle, WA

Brunswick & Hunt, Seattle, WA

Brunswick & Hunt, Seattle, WA

Brunswick & Hunt, Seattle, 

1480 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA - (206) 946-1574                      
Est. June 18, 2014 - Closed Jan 31, 2020 - Building constructed: 1927
Previous bars in this location: None known
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