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Saturday, September 16, 2017

#2564 #S1264 - Damn the Weather, Seattle - 6/20/2014

Damn the Weather, Seattle, WA
Try the: Calvados Old Fashioned

Damn the Weather is a very Seattle bar. From the climate-appropriate name (lifted from a prohibition era cocktail), to the owner having been the bassist for a local band (Fleet Foxes), to the setting within Pioneer Square's 1891 Delmar Building, erected immediately after the Great Seattle Fire, the theme continues with the local and seasonal food. Owner Bryn Lumsden left his position as manager of Rob Roy to open DTW after stints at Vessel and Vito's, and brought along with him Jay Kuehner (Sambar) and chef Eli Dahlin (Walrus and Carpenter). Eventually Dahlin moved on and was replaced by Brian Papenfuss (Stateside, Le Pichet, Wandering Goose, Ma'Ono).

The bar, under the State Hotel 75cent Rooms sign, sits in a portion of the old brick space most recently occupied by the New Orleans jazz bar for 27 years. This space has hosted bars on and off since at least 1894, when J.T. Slorah ran a saloon there, and again shortly after prohibition, with "The Palace" here by 1934. (It is a little unclear how many bars listed under the address of the other half of the New Orleans space extended into this one.) Today it pairs its creative dishes with one of the better cocktail programs in the city.

Damn the Weather, Seattle, WA

116 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 - (No phone)                              
Est. June 17 2014 - Building constructed: 1891
Previous bars in this location: The Palace
Web site: - facebook
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