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Monday, December 22, 2014

#2308 - Crawfish House, White Center, WA - 9/28/2013

From purely a bar perspective there's not a lot to recommend this place; but if you want to have a beer from a pretty decent selection, along with a huge mess of crawfish -- the kind where people wear plastic gloves and lobster bibs -- I don't know of a better place in the city. The place is brightly lit, with cheesy Mardi Gras and seafaring decor, and the chef, who is from Vietnam by way of Louisiana, knows his stuff and is happy to come chat with you to help you figure out your optimal meal. I myself tend to stick with the somewhat introverted Catfish or Soft-shell Crab Po' Boy, but I encourage others to go crazy.

9826 16th Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA 98106 - (206) 588-1613
Est. Feb 2011 - Building constructed: 1949
Web site: facebook - ( site appears to be hacked at this time)
Reviews: seattletimes - afar - minttytaste - yelp - urbanspoon

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