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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#2305 - Boots Tavern, Black Diamond, WA - 9/27/2013

In the 1880s, the Black Diamond Coal Mining Company left it's operation in Nortonville, CA for the richer coal of the Washington state town that still bears its name. The company brought with it a few thousand of the European immigrant workers, and operated in the area until just after World War I. In the early 30s a couple new mining companies revived mining in the area, and it was about this time that Richard "Boots" Pierotti, who once worked in the mines and later the company store, opened his tavern.

Boots Tavern, Black Diamond, WA
Hanging in the bar today -- and featured on the Black Diamond History blog -- there is a King County Assessor photograph of the Boots Tavern labeled 1939, featuring a Boots Tavern sign. JoAnne M. of the Black Diamond Historical Society informed me that portions of the buildings in this area were constructed in 1918, 1936 (at least the front portion of the current tavern), and 1939. In Black Diamond: Mining the Memories, Boots himself recalls hearing in 1935 that they were going to stop giving out beer parlor licenses and that he finally obtained one in 1936. The Tavern was the first new business after the depression, and Boots had to install his own waterline from the water main near the Coal Car, and had to buy a small generator to get any electricity.
Boots Tavern, Black Diamond, WA - 1939
King County photo via Black Diamond History blog

Today the tavern is a nifty local dive and community gathering place -- the kind of bar that has potluck dinners during Seahawks games, Buckup games on Saturdays, barbecues, tributes to deceased patrons, and various other special events where customers are as involved as the bar staff. We chatted with regulars Debbie and Bob, who made sure we checked out the inside doors of the bathrooms, and informed us of another great bar to check out next, City Hall in Cumberland. It was a very enjoyable visit and we look forward to coming back from time to time.

Inside of door to women's room at the
Boots Tavern, in Black Diamond, WA

31117 3rd Ave Black Diamond, WA 98010 - (360) 886-2659
Est. 1936 or earlier - Building constructed: 1936 (possibly earlier for some portion)
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: facebook
Reviews: blackdiamondhistory - bikerfriendlybar - yelp

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