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Sunday, December 21, 2014

#2307 - Marv's Broiler, White Center, WA - 9/28/2013

Update: Marv's Broiler closed in 2015.

I tend to look more at the photos than the comments on Yelp, but at certain times the yelper comments can do a pretty good job of summing up a place:
"Don't be intimidated by its shabby interior and exterior."
"I know a jello shots sort of equal a Bartells and James light berry punch, but I don't care I like my booze congealed."
"Meet at nice bar or shit bar?"
"Dive, please."
"Ok. Meet me at Marv's Broiler in White Center."
"And sure, the weird, toothless guy who spends the night undressing you with his eyes and drives that big rape van parked out back; he's there too. Marv's has an endless amount of oddly appealing, and slightly creepy, customers."
"Just try not to get shot."
The place that is now Marv's Broiler was built in 1941 by H. Richard Busey as Busey's XXX Drive-In. It was an old Triple X Root Beer drive-in, not the sort of XXX place like the shops across 16th Avenue. Busey ran it as a drive-in until 1955 and then converted it into a dine-in restaurant with a small bar area, and locals remember it for its marinated steaks. In 1975 Busey sold the place to Marv Mosely, who took control on New Years day, 1976. Marv apparently considered replacing the sign, but eventually decided to simply update it with his name. Marv no longer owns it, but it retains the name. Under Mosely, the lounge side of the business continually expanded until, as is the case today, there is no restaurant left at all. It now has the drinks, the vibe, and the patrons of an old mid-century dive, seeming perpetually locked at a time a couple hours after the kitchen has closed with a last few stragglers remain nursing drinks.

9808 16th Avenue Southwest, White Center, WA 98106 - (206) 767-9102
Est. Jan 1, 1976 - Building constructed: 1941
Previous bars in this location: Busey's Restaurant
Reviews: yelp - whitecenternow - thestranger

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Anonymous said...

In 1965 Busey's lounge was named the Tahitian Room. But I've never seen anything from it but ads from the local Catholic newspaper.