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Sunday, March 30, 2014

#2166 - Kapowsin Ale House and Grill, Kapowsin, WA - 5/17/2013

In the early part of the 20th century, with the Kapowsin Lumber Company operating on the north side of the lake, the population of Kapowsin was around 10,000.  It's now closer to 300, the mill long shut down, and just a few vestiges of a town remaining. Since 1959 the Kapowsin Tavern has been there, now the Kapowsin Ale House and Grill. It's a solid middle-of-nowhere bar, with years of oddball items collected on the walls, food that is good enough, hosting locals, fishermen and bikers. Apparently it is also the sort of place where if you get drunk and aim a gun at the bartender, you'll be taken out by someone chucking a pool ball at your head.

I was informed that this was a Christmas gift from a patron,
and that it is "a cartridge in a pear tree."  Kapowsin Ale House

14912 Kapowsin Hwy E, Kapowsin, WA - (360) 879-5333
Est. 1959 - Building constructed: 1959
Web site: facebook
Reviews: crankydaves - yelp - thenewstribune - tooie haugen

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