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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#2156 - Spunky Monkey, Auburn - 5/5/2013

Thankfully, I made it to this place shortly before all the funky divey-ness was eliminated in a redesign as part of an episode of Restaurant: Impossible. After many years as a popular local joint, it was dusty and failing by the time I got here, so it appears that it had to change, and I hope the modified approach works out for them. But as one who tends to prefer the peculiar and decidedly unsophisticated personality of a small-time barkeep to the slick orderliness of a professional designer, I feel fortunate to see have seen the Monkey when it was genuinely spunky.

124 2nd St SE, Auburn, WA 98002 - (253) 804-9567
Est. 1998 - Building constructed: 1936
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: restaurant:impossible ($1.99) - yelp - youtube - urbanspoon

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