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Sunday, September 11, 2011

#1460 - NW Passage, Aberdeen, WA - 6/5/2011

This is a large, friendly, divey bar in Aberdeen.  Nothing I could write about it is as interesting as this bizarre review that has been picked up by multiple sites and which reads like an automated translation from Chinese of a description of an utterly different bar:

"NW Passage bar is position at 617 W Curtis St,Aberdeen, WA. There are many things to do to enjoy the nightlife of Aberdeen, staying within the city of Washington. Therefore, the best thing to do in Aberdeen is to visit the many bars that offer great entertainment for tourists at night. So spend a night and enjoy the night in Aberdeen."

"For people who want to experience the sophisticated nightlife of Aberdeen, then visiting the Northwest Passage is wise. NW Passage is a bar that frequented by locals and tourists who want to experience a sophisticated night out with friends. For tourists who want to enter the bar, they should dress appropriately. People are denied entry into bar if they are using running shoes, sweatshirts and casual clothing and the dress code is smart casual or a suit. The price of drinks at the bar is also expensive and usually costs about $ 15 to $ 30. The bar is open 21:00 to 2:00."

"Lots of choices and options in the menu. They offer the wonderful environment to entertain. visitor could find that the team is friendly and the owner is the perfect host. The environment is really just fine. NW Passage has a great name of luxury , glamour and night life."

617 W Curtis St, Aberdeen, WA 98520 - (360) 532-0161
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Anonymous said...

This is a dive alright it needs to be closed down it is dangerous and premeditated place that many people get beat up and now Killed And one in the hospital . Premeditation is murder in thoughs doors be careful to ever go in there on the weekends for sure

K. Watson said...

Don't be scured...

Anonymous said...

If you like the passage then you will love the bar across the street the captains corner exemplifies class great service awesome food great drinks and the best nightlife from here to Seattle the staff is courteous and will take care of your every need it is a 4 star experience all the prices are reasonable and the clientele that comes in is the best in the state this place is a must see destination when coming to Aberdeen you will not be disappointed when you go there after 9 p.m. the bartenders can bar 2 piece bikinis and man are they hot

Anonymous said...

NW passage and Captians corner are skank filled disease infested shit holes. If you are looking to enjoy night life... Don't come to the harbor ; )

Anonymous said...

Don't go into northwest passage. Last time I was in there they were smoking meth in the smoking area and some nasty hooker was giving head to a guy while I was playing pool. It's hard to nail a shot when you catch that out of the corner of your eye.

Anonymous said...

The NW Passage doesn't sound like the owner need to have a dress code. Just clean up the dump.