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Sunday, September 11, 2011

#1454 #S879 - The Yard, Seattle - 5/23/2011

A new place in an odd little space along Greenwood, near 85th, from the owners of The Dray. "Yard" is "Dray" backwards, and the location has a patio space out front that is surprising in this commercial stretch. The Yard serves a pretty decent beer selection, okay cocktails, and better than average Mexican food.   They also have 100 lockers for members of the Founders Club:

'For $250, members get a personal 20-ounce beer mug that they can lock inside, a T-shirt, and invitations to special events and the occasional “special surprise” inside their locker (the cafĂ©’s owners will have a master key to all lockers). Co-owner Travis Eaton says the mug is a dimpled old-style pub mug with The Yard Cafe emblem.'  (phinneywood)

"... these lockers come with a 20-ounce mug which can be filled with beer at the same price that normal patrons pay for a 16-ounce pour. Doing the math, one would have to drink about 892 beers to make that a good deal.  The lockers are sold out."  (seattle weekly)

8313 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, Washington - 206.588.1746
Est. 5/19/2011 - alixcompton - phinneywood - seattle weekly - yelp

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