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Monday, September 05, 2011

#1451 - Madrid's Place, Pasco, WA - 5/22/2011

Madrid's is a curious fusion of cultures.  Everything about the people and recent activities -- the customers, the owner, the music blaring from the jukebox -- is Mexican.  But the signage and longer term decor are all Irish.  Indeed, the main sign out front has a hand-painted leprachaun, and a sign reading "AKA Shamrock II" added to the top.  (This portion is newer than the Madrid's piece, judging from a an older photo I found.)

Behind the bar on piece of cardboard is a list of people who have been 86'd, with some names curiously covered in masking tape.  The owner explained that those are the names of people who have passed away, something he started after a patron started crying at the bar when she looked up and saw the name of her departed father's name on the list.

1901 4th, Pasco, WA

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August 2018: closed.