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Saturday, September 03, 2011

#1442 - The Pastime, Roslyn, WA - 5/20/2011

The Pastime, Roslyn, WA
Update: The Pastime appears to be transitioning to the "Roslyn Roadhouse," as of early 2016

I am looking to confirm this, but if the claims made on the Pastime's MySpace site (and in Michael Caldwell's "Watering Holes of the Northwest) are correct, this may be one of the two oldest bars in the state of Washington. From the site:
"The Pastime was originally named The Palace, back in 1885. It would have been the oldest operating bar in the state of Washington, but for two years during prohibition, it became Owens Meat Market. At that time, it was the first refrigerated meat house in the state. During the 1920's it also endured some major remolding [sic] and in 1974 became known as Jean's Pastime. In 1990 it changed owners again to Lonnie and Jody, our current owners. It is the oldest commercial building in Roslyn and is said to be haunted. There has been two suicide deaths, by gunshot. One in the 1920's and the other in the 1980's. Our closing bartenders have reported strange noises and their have been the sound of people playing pool after the doors have been locked."

Roslyn Pastime sign as of February 2016
But some elements of this story (not just the ghost stories) seem dubious.  E.g. I don't understand how this would have been the oldest operating bar except for two years as meat market during prohibition, since A) there were, of course, no licensed bars at all during prohibition; and B) prohibition in Washington state lasted a minimum of 17 1/2 years. In addition, there is no "Pastime" listed among bars in the 1937 nor 1949 Polk Guides (I cannot determine if there was any bar listed at the location due to changes in street numbering). Finally, I received this information from the president of the Roslyn Historical Museum: "The date is wrong Roslyn didn't exisit until 1886 when coal was discovered. We have an old ledger book from The Palace.  It is dated 1888 the owner was a person with the last name of Bryant." (Nick Henderson, personal correspondence, June 11, 2012)  I hope to find more about the bar's history, and perhaps even some primary sources.

The Pastime, Roslyn, WA - Sep 2012
204 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Roslyn, WA 98941 - (509) 649-3125
Previous bars at this location: Howard's Place (40s), Clem's Tavern (70s)
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Anonymous said...

This is a made up story. The Brick has been the oldest continuous bar in the state of wa. They have NEVER closed, since 1889. Everyone wants to be famous....

peterga said...

Well of course The Brick did not have a liquor license from 1916 through 1933, and while it is a terrific old bar, claims that it is the longest continually operating bar in Washington and/or the oldest bar under one name appear to a bit off the mark. See my page Oldest bars in Washington state.

Anonymous said...

Sept 2020: Open and popular on a mid-week afternon, as are the Old #3 Ronald and Mike's Cle Elum. But the Pastime is now Logan's, extensively remodeled, with only the old refridge case remaining.
Another historic place is the Keg Cellar Cle Elum, formerly known as the Ashland, then the Royal. It's near the RR yard. Very friendly, it's frequented by the old-time locals.