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Saturday, March 17, 2018

#2638 - Big Lake Bar and Grill, Mount Vernon, WA - 10/19/2014

Big Lake Bar & Grill, Big Lake, WA
The city listed in the address for the Big Lake Bar and Grill is nearby Mount Vernon, but passers by know it as Big Lake and older locals refer to it as the old community of Montborne. The lake itself is not huge, but it stretches for over two miles along Highway 9, about two thirds the way from Seattle to Canada. Inside the Big Lake Bar and Grill there's a large old photo of the old Montborne community, founded by Dr. H.P. Montborne in 1884, and snippets on the area's history and historic houses.

There's been a tavern at this location for many years. "The tavern operated under several names: the Montborne Tavern, Jim's Tavern, Pat and Marty's Tavern, Sherm's Tavern, and Jo D's, and it is currently the Big Lake Bar and Grill, referred to by locals as the Big Lake Tavern." (Big Lake Valley)

Big Lake Bar & Grill
Today it is a 50s themed diner and bar, with many of the stereotypical touches of the theme -- the Route 66 signs, classic cars, photos of Elvis, black and white checkered patterns. The menu is also lartely what you would expect with this theme, augmented by an outdoor barbecue and a good selection of beers.

18247 Washington 9, Mt Vernon, WA 98274 - (360) 422-6411                  
Previous bars in this location: Montborne Tavern, Jim's Tavern, Part and Marty's Tavern, Sherm's Tavern, Jo D's
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