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Thursday, March 08, 2018

#2630 #S1281 - Quality Athletics, Seattle - 9/21/2014

Quality Athletics, Seattle, WA
Quality Athletics is a sports bar from Seattle chef and mini industry Josh Henderson, who in recent years has gone from a food truck to a double digit count of high profile restaurants in the Seattle area, including one stretch in which he opened 9 in 7 months. He remade a humble dive in the Hollywood Tavern, created a top notch shoreline experience in Westward, brought fine cocktails to view from the roof of the Thompson Hotel in Nest, among many others.

Quality Athletics is located in a newer building in the shadow of the football and baseball stadiums and, as the name implies, it takes the sports bar theme seriously. There are walls of trophies, a row of lockers, artificial turn, a table tennis door, televisions and medicine balls. The "un-sports bar" concept they talk about comes into play in the food, which includes many sports bar standards but with creative twists by Henderson's chef Seth Richardson. On top of those they throw in such unsportsmanlike options as a sprouted quinoa and kale bowl, pork belly ramen, and spicy prawn tom kha soup. And you can certainly get a few nice cocktails here, as you can at any of Henderson's joints, but it will be the games and food that bring you into this one.

115 S. King St., Seattle, WA 98104 - (206) 420-3015
Est. Sep 2014 (soft opening Sep 4, official open Sep 12) - Building constructed: 2014
Previous bars in this location: None known
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