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Saturday, March 17, 2018

#2636 - North Fork Beer Shrine, Deming, WA - 10/11/2014

North Fork Beer Shrine, Deming, WA
I feel fairly confident stating that North Fork is the single finest beer shrine pizzeria beer museum wedding chapel in the greater Mt. Baker area. The pizza and comfort foods in the cozy roadhouse space make this worth stopping for (and for over 100 couples, worth getting married at). But their beers are the star attraction.

"The North Fork Brewery produces beer in the time-honored, time-intensive style of British Ales, Barrel-aged Belgian style Sours and Lagers, light and black. Our small batches (109 gallons) are hand transferred from fermentation to conditioning and on to serving tanks or oak barrels where they are served directly in our tap room, ensuring a fresh pint every pint."

6186 Mt. Baker Highway, Deming, WA 98244 - 360-599-2337
Est. 1997
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