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Sunday, January 21, 2018

#2614 - Oregon Way Tavern, Longview, WA - 9/11/2014

I wish I remembered more of the context of my notes on this bar, but after getting way behind on blogging this is all I have:
  • Bartender, Sue, born and raised in the area
  • "Our Becka is a character"
  • "Oldest bar in Cowlitz county" (heard same at "Lone Fir")

I do, of course, remember that Oregon Way and the Oregon Way Tavern are not in Oregon -- although Oregon's just a couple miles down the road. The old lumber town of Longview Washington sits on the bend where the Columbia River turns from north to west in a final leg toward the Pacific.

Oregon Way Tavern, Longview, WA
I also don't know how long the tavern has been around, although in addition to the comment above I've found it listed in city guides at least as far back as 1951, and it may well go back considerably further, as my data on the area is quite limited. As for internet references, it appears that fans of the tavern are not particularly active in online reviews. Yelp has zero reviews and thinks the place is closed -- unlikely, unless that happened shortly before I wrote this, given recent the Facebook activity -- although there is mention of a 5-day suspension of their liquor license in December, with a cause described on their Facebook page only as "[owner name] is a dumb ass." (The Facebook page is a little less formal than many business pages, with posts like "I just wanted to thank my bestie [person 1] for being here for me always. As for that fat bitch [person 2] remember what goes around comes around. Karma bitch!"

Oregon Way Tavern, Longview, WA
Meanwhile, the sole review on TripAdvisor goes like this:
"DO NOT GO HERE! Sad if this is one of the top 10 things to do in Longview. Do not go here. This is not a feature of Longview. Go on a hike. See Mount St. Helens. Got to Ashtown Brewing. Go to Roland Wines. Not Oregon Way Tavern."
(For the record, the Oregon Way Tavern comes in at #9 on TripAdvisor's Longview list.)

Oregon Way Tavern, Longview, 
But if you like neighborhood dives, as I do, this seems like one of the more divey and more neighborhoodie joints around and I hope to be able to stop in again someday.

This sign was on a big screen TV.
It seems like a unique  negotiation approach.
Oregon Way Tavern, Longview, WA - Sep 11, 2014

446 Oregon Way, Longview, WA 98632 - (360) 577-5773
Est. ?
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: facebook
Reviews: tripadvisor

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