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Sunday, January 21, 2018

#2611 #S1277 - 8oz Burger & Co. (Ballard), Seattle - 9/1/2014

8oz Burger and Co., Ballard, Seattle, WA
The bar and cocktails are by no means the centerpiece of 8oz Burger, either here or at the original location on Capitol Hill, both run by local chef Kevin Chung (and very tenuous connections to the chain started in Miami and LA). The focus, of course, would be the massive burgers, made from 100% Black Angus from Pasco, WA, and generally requiring no little amount of strategizing to plan fitting into your mouth. But there are some decent cocktails, wine, and beer options, and even boozy shakes. The fries are delivered in metal mini fryer baskets, as if the kitchen were equipped with three-inch wide Lilliputian deep fryers. If you're not in the mood for burgers they have several other options including Bhan Mi, Wild Boar, and Pork Belly Kimchi sandwiches.

If you are in the mood for a burger, it's hard to go wrong here. I tend to stick fairly close to the classics when it comes to burgers, but lest you suspect that 8oz may not be accommodating the young foodie crowds of Ballard and Capitol Hill, you might note that burger ingredients include thyme infused truffle salt, cave aged gruyere, redwine braised shallots, cotija, avocado cilantro crema, and an espresso rubbed patty.

2409 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 - (206) 782-2491
Est. Aug 20, 2014 - Building constructed: 1950
Previous bars in this location: Sea Breeze, Hamburger Harry's
Web site: facebook
Reviews: seattlemetseattletimes (Capitol Hill) - thestranger - yelp 

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