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Sunday, February 08, 2015

#2328 - Old Town Pub, Silverdale, WA - 10/20/2013

Old Town Pub, Silverdale, WA
In 1911 to 1913, in the Old Town section of Silverdale, Washington, at the head of Dyes Inlet on the Kitsap peninsula, John Emel built a livery, with a dance hall and community center above that, and a top floor with lodging and likely a brothel. Emel also apparently ran a beer parlor there at some point, but there is no indication of when (although the description as a "beer parlor" indicates that it was after prohibition). I was informed that at one point it was "Pickles," a gay bar, but I haven't found any confirmation of that yet. The barn-like building is now known as the Old Town Pub (with eight people living above) and has been owned for the last two or three decades by Fred Lanouette, who once owned Seattle's "Backstage." It has a ramshackle, seaside charm, including tilting floors and armies of pigeons gathering on the pitched roof, with a classic neighborhood dive bar inside.

3473 NW Byron St Silverdale, WA 98383 - (360) 692-9132
Est. 1985? - Building constructed: 1911-1913
Previous bars in this location: Pickles, John Emel's beer parlor
Web site: facebook
Reviews: kitsapsun - yelp - yelp

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