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Saturday, September 06, 2014

#2245 - Shots n Scores, Lynnwood, WA - 7/27/2013

Lynnwood, north of Seattle, is the 30th largest city in the state of Washington, and I consider it to be the largest city in the state without a single interesting bar. I'm referring to the physical places, food, and drinks, and lots of very boring bar locations can be quite enjoyable because of the fun and interesting people who come there, so I am not ruling that out. But I prefer a  place with character -- ANY kind of character -- that adds some kind of personal touch and distinguishes it from hundreds of other bars across the country.

Lynnwood's bars are mostly chains and seems determined to squeeze out what little remaining character there is -- e.g. minimizing the nautical theme of Daverthumps and at least the interesting name of "None Of Your Business" and replacing them with cookie cutter BSSBs (Banal Suburban Sports Bars). The most remarkable feature of BSSBs is that they have no remarkable feature. Like hundreds of other BSSBs, they generally include the following:

  • All or virtually all decorations and wall hangings are corporate paraphernalia -- Budweiser, NASCAR, etc.  No personal items, local photos, etc.
  • Pulltab bins
  • Standard bar food - fried foods, burgers, salads, maybe pizzas and tacos.
  • Lots of televisions and beer company sports decor.
  • Regular karaoke
  • A good selection of beers
  • Cocktails that appear to be designed for sorority girls - flavored vodkas, super sweet, Fireball shots, jello shots
  • A Facebook page dominated by photos from Halloween
  • A majority of customers wearing baseball caps, often backwards
  • A hastily carved out smoking area in back, with plastic furniture
  • Usually in the outer parts of cities, or in medium-sized towns, often in a strip mall
Again, the most important part of a bar is probably the people there, so bar settings with no personality can sometimes be a great bar stop if they attract a fun and unusual crowd. I went at the wrong time of day to know if that's the case with Shots and Scores, so maybe I'd be surprised.

17711 Washington 99, Lynnwood, WA 98037 - (425) 742-0861
Est. 2012 or 2013 - Building constructed: 1945
Previous bars in this location: None of Your Business, Inn Tavern
Web site: facebook
Reviews: yelp

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