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Monday, August 18, 2014

#2242 - Rendezvous Tavern, Port Orchard, WA - 7/25/2013

The Rendezvous is a pretty prosaic bar in a small town shopping center, in a space that's held a number of restaurants and bars over the last 46 years. It opened in 2011, replacing the Voodoo Lounge and removing the VIP section and stripper pole.  They serve standard American pub food -- salads, burgers, hot wings, etc. -- have a reasonable selection of beers, and serve their share of jello shots and candy drinks. It's a medium-sized place that hosts both live bands and, of course, karaoke.  Among the positive elements, one local yelps, "... its never over crowded, or filled with tweakers. so that's a mega bonus in Port Orchard."

There are a couple uncommon touches in the place, and as I was taking a picture of one -- a kegerator with some nice pinstriping, the bartender approached me. "I see you taking pictures," she said, "What are your pictures for?  You should really ask before taking pictures." I told her about my blog, and also asked what she thought could have been a bad intention or unwanted outcome of someone taking a pictures of the bar. She told me that "People sometimes use our name to represent things that it's not." I mentioned that I was surprised that this was a big problem for a bar in the South Park Village Shopping Center, but she affirmed that it was. Go figure.

1750 Village Ln SE, Port Orchard, Washington - (360) 443-2545
Est. 2011 - Building constructed: 1968
Previous bars in this location: Shooterz, Voodoo Lounge, Captain K's, Giotto's
Web site: facebook - westsoundnightout
Reviews: yelp

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