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Saturday, August 16, 2014

#2239 #1155 - Star Brass Lounge, Seattle - 7/20/2013

Scott Horrell, who already has given the area 9lb Hammer, Loretta's, and Square Knot, has added another classic Georgetown bar.  A great old building across from the old Rainier Brewery, lots of exposed brick, collections of mid-century decor (e.g. lamps, ashtrays), good quality American comfort food, and a relaxed, hip clientele all seem to perfectly reiterate the spirit of the neighborhood.

Some history of the building from the owner:  "From 1904 to 1964 it was the Airport Way Hotel. Downstairs, it housed the Palace Tavern. It was for some time the Volunteers of America Industrial Store and the Wallace Transfer. And of course, it was the home of Star Brass Works, which now lends its name to the lounge downstairs! We have named our main gallery the Palace Gallery in honor of the old tavern."

5813A Airport Way South, Seattle, Washington 98108                
Est. April 2013 - Building constructed: 1905
Previous bars in this location: Palace Tavern
Web site: facebook
Reviews: link - yelp - tripadvisor -  talktothemanager - thestranger

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