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Friday, June 13, 2014

#2209 - Mick Kelly's Irish Pub, Burien - 6/26/2013

This is a fairly typical, large, American, Irish bar owned by Mick Purdy and Kelly Adrian. The food and drinks are not outstanding, but it's a friendly place, and I'm inclined to reward them with my business more after reading this is a review: "I also hate it when a restaurant thinks they should tell guests how to wear their baseball hats. I was told repeatedly that turning my cap backwards was not allowed."

435 SW 152nd St Seattle, WA 98166 - (206) 246-2473
Est. Sep 15, 2005 - Building constructed: 1948
Previous bars in this location: The Shaft
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: seattletimes - yelp

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