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Monday, March 18, 2013

#1979 #S1084 - Copper Coin, Seattle - 11/21/2012

Update: Copper Coin closed in early 2022

Try the: Whisky Blaxton

There's an emphasis on craft beers at the Copper Coin, but the food and cocktails are by no means simply a mediocre afterthought. There are 20 interesting beers on tap, including a house brew created by Two Beers Brewery. But the owner, who owns Hill's Neighborhood Restaurant in Richmond Beach and is a nephew of the owners of local hamburger mecca Red Mill, has also provided much better than average mixed drinks and food options. I tried the Whisky Blaxton, Justland Sour, and Old Hat, and enjoyed them all. The Vietnamese beef skewers came with a tasty peanut slaw and lemongrass marinade, and the other dishes we saw looked really good.

2329 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 - (206) 420-3608
Est. Oct 15, 2012 - Closed 2022 - Building constructed: 1941
Previous bars in this location: Blackbird Bistro, Porterhouse
Web site: - facebook
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