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Thursday, March 07, 2013

#1967 #S1079 - Elemental Pizza, Seattle - 11/5/2012

So I will confess at the outset that you have to be something pretty special to bring me out to a mall, and especially the crazy, no-parking space U Village Mall, more than once. Elemental Pizza is not quite that. The pizza was pretty good, the cocktails okay, the bar not much of a bar. They do now have a star chef, and it seems like a reasonable option if you are in walking distance and craving wood-fired pizza, or have to stop by the Apple Store. So particularly as bar, which is what this project/blog is about, there's not enough at Elemental Pizza to pull you there if you are not already in the mall; but of course lots of people are already in the mall ...

2630 NE University Village St., Seattle, Washington 98105 - (206) 524-4930
Est. Oct 25, 2012

Web site: - facebook
Reviews: seattleweekly - seattlemet - eater - yelp

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