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Monday, December 31, 2012

#1875 - Marko's Place, Roslyn, WA - 8/25/2011

Marko's is a very old, very laid back, and a bit artsy. It's under fairly new management, which has upgraded the beer choices. It has a mix of art on the brick walls, a pressed tin ceiling, and a grand old oak back bar. The sign says that it was established during prohibition, in 1931, and while it is unclear when it became a legal bar, it seems highly likely that this was shortly after the federal Beer and Wine Revenue Act took effect in April 1933. Two daughters of founder Marko Korich, Mary and Eva, have left audio recordings describing their father buying the place around the start of the decade and selling wine he made in the basement as well as bootleg whiskey though prohibition. While at the bar I also chatted with Alex, now 84, who remembered sneaking into the bar when he was 11-- i.e. in 1939.  (Alex's hearing is not what it used to be; when someone asked "Do you have email?" he responded, "Have female?")

The 1937 Polk Guide lists a bar owned by Marko Korich, but at the address of 13 1st N. I'm fairly confident this was the same building, because we already know that Roslyn changed the street numbering scheme along this street, as The Brick, now listed at 100, was listed at 1 in the 1930s and 40s. In addition, Marko's daughters allude to the bar being in the same building the entire time.

The sisters also mention that Marko purchased the bar from a Mr. Bruno, and a 1913 Polk Guide lists a bar owned by Bruno & Filberto. This listing does not include an address, but it is intriguing to consider whether it is the same location.

In any case, it's a friendly bar, with a nice patio area, fairly basic liquors and beers. The new owner is working on fixing up the back patio area, where locals used to play bocce ball 70 years ago.

(There are some very old looking bar tokens for Marko's out there.)

106 North First Street, Roslyn, Washington 98941 - (509) 649-2349
Est. 1931 (bar since at least 1933?)
Web site: facebook
Best Reviews: dorandbob - yelp - tripadvisor 

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