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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#1854 - Jim's Alibi, Boise, ID - 8/20/2011

Hanging in Bullshit Corner did not prevent me from getting the
BS Swatter treatment from Tristina, at Jim's Alibi, in Boise, ID
Jim's Alibi is a faithful dive bar.  It is open 365 days a year; there waiting for you on Christmas, Thanksgiving, whenever you feel like dropping in.  It's available in the morning and the middle of the day. It offers you all the activities you expect in a modern dive bar: karaoke, eight ball, bingo. And it is faithful in keeping your activities inside safe from the prying eyes of outsiders -- there are no windows. If you need an alibi, it's not because Jim's let you down.

2710 Broadway Avenue Boise, ID 83706 - (208) 342-9220
Est. 1983 (Jim's Alibi, the Alibi has been around longer)
Previous bars at this location:  Happy Hour Tavern
Web site: - facebook
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