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Saturday, July 28, 2012

#1749 - Wilkeson Saloon, Wilkeson, WA - 4/14/2012

The Wilkeson Saloon is said to date back to the late 1890s, although the great fire of 1910 makes one question whether the current building dates back that far.  The owner informs me that the space was originally a pool hall and cigar shop, and that it was called the Eagle Tavern when it first became a bar.

In any case, the current incarnation, run by relatively new owners Sunny Bean and her husband Robert, has a bit more modern pub touches than the classic Pick'n'Shovel just up the street, and is a another friendly place to grab some basic bar food and beers.

521 Church St, Wilkeson, WA. 1 - (360) 761-7168 - facebook - bikerfriendlybar


Anonymous said...

April 2019: closed.

peterga said...

Seem to be reopened from the Facebook page (May 2019)