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Monday, January 02, 2012

#1635 #S969 - The Innkeeper, Seattle - 12/2/2011

Update: The Innkeeper closed in November 2017 and replaced by The Jerk Shack later that month.

The Innkeeper looks much the same as Marco's Supperclub, but manages to have both a little more personality and a little less attitude. The menu is focused on Latin American and Caribbean dishes, with a few good cocktails to boot. I had the Penn Cove Manila Clams and Chorizo, which were spicy and tasty and had me ordering extra bread to sop up every drop of the broth. I also had a cup of the Ham Hock White Bean soup which was also very fine.

 The cocktails were fairly good, though not quite as well balanced as one would expect at, say, Spur or Canon. I had a fairly good "Fleur de Lys" and an okay Corn n'Oil, while my friend had a slightly sweet but enjoyable Dark and Stormy.

The Innkeeper is run by the folks behind Black Bottle and here they provide the same sort of affordable, quality food in perhaps a slightly more casual atmosphere. I'm eager to go back, particularly if the back patio is open on warm evenings.

2510 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 - (206) 718-7817
Est. Nov. 28, 2010 - Building constructed: 1954
Previous bars at this location: Tokyo West Tavern (70s), Seoul Tavern (80s), Wheelhouse Suds (80-90s), Marco's Supperclub (1994-2011) - seattletimes - seattlemag - thestranger - eater - yelp

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