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Monday, January 02, 2012

#1633 #S967 - Cactus (South Lake Union), Seattle - 11/30/2011

The new Cactus in South Lake Union shares the menu of the other three Seattle are restaurants, which means quite good southwestern and Tex-Mex food and some good margaritas with fresh lime and citrus juices.  My personal favorite is the Baja (El Jimador Blanco with cilantro, jalapeƱo and fresh citrus juices).

Like the Alki location, the SLU space has a more open and modern decor than the original Madison Park location (est. 1990), and it tends to have a younger crowd, including staff from nearby

350 Terry Ave N, Seattle, Wa 98109 - 206.913.2250
Est. Nov 12, 2011
Web site: - facebook
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