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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#1258 - The Lost Roo, Long Beach, WA - 10/15/2010

This is in a large space that I remember as Nick's West, and was the Sore Thumb Tavern some time before that.  As Nick's it was barn-like with the feel of the main attraction in a small, seasonal resort town. 

As the Lost Roo, there's nothing specifically bad about it -- the service is nice and they even serve a tasty, localized Long Beach Island Tea (with cranberries).  But the place just feels much more big, clean and corporate than anyone with a soul would want in a small beach town.

1700 S Pacific Highway, Long Beach, WA 98631 - (360) 642-4329 - coast weekend - chinook observer - - yelp


Anonymous said...

Clean and big don't seam like negatives to me. I live in this small town and it's hard to find a place to take a large group unless you want pizza. I can take my friends and family here without a reservation, have a great meal and wave at the dinner crew from my table. The owners do a lot for our community and have hired a large staff when everyone else was down sizing. I'm glad they are here!

Anonymous said...

i have eaten here 3 times, no reservation and kinda scruffy from walking my wet dogs. all i have had is a nice welcome and great food. it is big, clean and well run by a Scots girl i think. why is that corporate? they have spent a lot of money on what must be their dream place. i say good luck to them and we should eat there more.