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Sunday, November 07, 2010

#1250 #S755 - Vince's Italian Restaurant (Rainier Valley), Seattle - 10/7/2010

Update:  Vince's is closing in March 2011.

This is an old school (and just plain old, est. 1957) Italian place with a bar that serves nothing fancy to an interesting mix of neighborhood characters.  I had some spaghetti and gin and tonics and chatted with Roger, who remembers the door man at the Casino checking people through the sliding peephole, and who was at Shelley's Leg the night it burned down.  Roger likes dive bars ("the ones with Christmas lights up in April"), and has some colorful stories based on spending portions of his past life as he dealer.  A few years ago he had part of his tongue removed due to cancer, which leaves him sounding a little drunk when he is not.  If this place was a little closer to me, I'd be coming back now and then.

8824 Renton Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 - (206) 722-2116
Est. 1957 - Closed 2011 - urbanspoon - yelp

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