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Monday, January 18, 2010

#973 - Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline - 1/7/2010

I despaired of ever getting Darrell's on my list.  I made several trips hoping to find it open, to no avail (I could find no phone number and certainly no web site).  As I did my "research" in various bars around the neighborhood, I began to fill in the back story.  The owner, now in his 80s, who also collected cars and worked as a CPA in an office upstairs (and may or may not have lived up there for a while), had once had the place relatively thriving with the help of his gregarious Korean wife.  People told me his wife left him and the place started to dwindle, with the old guy not much caring about when he was open or closed, and probably well ready to retire at any rate.

So I was delighted to find it actually open on this night, and even more pleased to talk to Dan, the new owner, who is now combining a fine appreciation for the vintage 60s decor (he dropped nine grand into refurbishing and moving the sign out front alone) with some much needed upgrades, including a web site and soon live music.  "The place your dad used to drink," is how Dan describes it.  And while it's a little out of the way for most Seattlelites (just south of Aurora Village and Sky Nursery), it is well worth the trip.  Go out and support people keeping these great old bars alive.

18041 Aurora Ave N., Shoreline, WA - seattle weekly


Anonymous said...

There are a few errors in your story about Darrell's Tavern. First, the owners second wife was from the Philippine's and not Korean. Yes, the owner did live in the top floor of the building due to the second wife was awarded his apartment building in the divorce settlement. I assure you, he was not heartbroken when the split was accomplished. That picture that is hanging in the bar is absolutely not one of the wives.

peterga said...

Thanks much for the corrections.