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Monday, January 18, 2010

#972 - The Filling Station, Kingston, WA - 1/6/2010

The Filling Station (previously the Holding Lane Pub) seems to have the most character of the Kingston bars, and when I rolled in on a Wednesday afternoon the place was packed for Bingo Day. I slipped outside and had a nice chat with regular Jim beside the gas fireplace encased behind a custom-made grill with the owner's family coat of arms. Jim told me that a few years ago he got a DUI, said "fuck it," gave his farm to his daughter and bought a little house just across the street from the bars. Jim told me about some of the fights he'd seen at the bar, and about the time the bartender woman saved him from being beat up by three gay guys. "Just because they're gay doesn't mean they can't kick your ass," Jim told me. After chatting for a while, I thought I'd tell Jim about this bar project, and started with "I have a project from God, Jim ..." Jim winced a bit, cut me off to go refill his drink, and said, "I ain't much of a God guy." My glass was empty by that point too, so instead of trying to explain, I told Jim goodbye and headed down to the ferry dock.

11200 NE State Highway 104, Kingston, WA 98346 - (360) 297-7732               
Est. 1980

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Anonymous said...

this place has dope hip hop shows