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Monday, October 26, 2009

#930 - Athenian Inn, Seattle - 10/26/2009

Although I've eaten there many times, I've never made it to the bar at the Athenian Inn, probably because it just recently extended its closing time from 6pm to 7:30pm. The restaurant has now been there literally a hundred years, and the bar since 1933. It has a surprisingly large beer selection for a place that seems to cater to blue collar regulars who prefer Miller or Bud Lite, and a nice happy hour menu (try the elk sliders).

Along with the pleasantly inebriated regulars (Hi, Frank), it has a nice cross-section of old and young, tourists and locals, and of course it has that view (best witnessed in the colder months, when the sun sets before closing time). It was pretty foolish of me to live in Seattle for a quarter of its century-old life and not stop in for a drink before now.

1517 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101 - (206) 624-7166 - seattle dining (history) - seattle weekly - the stranger - yelp

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Romantic bed and breakfasts said...

In Short – The dive-like atmosphere of this Pike Place favorite harkens back to the gritty days of old Seattle. Grizzled regulars take seats at the lunch counter or the long bar; others sit in creaky wooden booths in the upstairs loft and enjoy uninterrupted views of the Sound and mountains. The menu offers diner classics with a local twist: oyster omelets, mussel soup, clam cakes and salmon and chips, as well as grilled fish from the Market