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Sunday, May 09, 2021

#4161 - Somewhere Bar, Boise, ID - 3/27/2021

Somewhere Bar, Garden City, Idaho

Transported to its current location in 1949 and opened in 1950, during the ears of 2017 to 2020, the venerable Ranch Club, with its iconic bronco rearing up over Garden City, Idaho, went through various ownership changes and closed and reopened at least three times. But when it reopened March 20, 2021, it was no longer as the Ranch Club. 

Gone are the wagon wheels out front; gone are the saddle bar seats inside; gone are the skulls and taxidermy, and coyote perched on a cactus. But remaining, oh thank God, is the bronco. I wish it could have retained its full-on western theme forever. But given that it could not, I am happy to see that someone is keeping it open, and although the vibe and clientele are very different, perhaps an even more vibrant and lively place than ever. Owners Rob Covert and Eli Russell have converted it to a gay bar, stressing one for the whole LGBTQIA+ community and welcoming all, but primarily for gay males. The horse skulls and harness have been replaced with photos of leathermen and bears, the taxidermy coyote replaced with a large photo of Cher. Opened during COVID, the stage waits for opportunities to host drag shows and live music, and the front area now opens up to a fairly large patio in the shade of the bronco.

I'll miss the old place, but the new one seems like it may be a really great location for the Boise area's gay and lesbian crowd, and a fun place to visit generally. And they promise to keep the horse!

3544 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, ID 83714
Est. 2021 - Building constructed: 1908 (1949 moved and reassembled in this location)
Previous bars in this location: The Ranch Club
Web site: facebook 
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