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Saturday, May 01, 2021

#3681 - Laki Kane, London, England - 1/27/2019

Laki Kane, London

The London district of Islington, named "Giseldone" by the Saxons in 1005 and evolving to its modern form in the 17th century, was at one time home to Cat Stevens, Douglas Adams, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, and Helena Bonham Carter. There on Upper Street is a lovey variety of bars from the stately King's Head, to the divey Slim's, to, as of 2018, a full-bore tiki bar called Laki Kane ("lucky man"). 

The creators of the bar brought some considerable tiki experience, with co-owner Georgi Radev having managed the cocktail program at the Mahiki for many years, in addition to founding and hosting the "Spirit of Tiki" festival. He and acclaimed chef Michael Moore created this new tiki bar with a serious devotion to the cocktails, food, decor and service. In addition to the many classic touches, they've added some rare, if not unique aspects, including what they describe as the first cocktail bar in the world to include all natural ingredients and zero refined sugar in their drinks.

Laki Kane tiki bar, London

They also have a rum distillery in the upper floor, where they give classes in rum making and cocktail mixing, and a button at each table to summon your server. We did not avail ourselves of the button in our visit, choosing to sit at the bar, and enjoying some well made drinks and friendly service from bartender Abi (sp?), and a sample of their thai small plates. We departed happy, and each with a souvenir mug in hand.

144-145 Upper St, London N1 1QY, United Kingdom - +44 20 7607 0766
Est. 2018
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